Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cat dress anyone?

Holy smoly it's been a long time.
To be honest, I only am posting to find this amazing CAT DRESS. Yahoo answers doesn't allow pictures and I got them off tumblr. Sad times.

Help me find it.

Monday, July 16, 2012


   I'm sorry that I've been compleatly MIA for a while! I'll have an outfit post up tomorrow though, so check back for that!

   For now though, any Harry Potter fans out there? I made butterbeer!

   If you are not a Harry Potter fan, which I strongly encourge you to become one, butterbeer is a commonly mentioned drink in the Harry Potter series. Read more about it here!

   Here's how to make it!

   Some pictures :)

In the process of making it.

Funny face! She missed xD

"Cheers!" I let her borrow my official Harry Potter scarf.

This picture is a good representation of my friendship with this lovely lady <3

Over all, I have to say: butterbeer is amazing! Really rich though. VERY rich. No matter, it's totally worth it. I plan to make this when my friends and I have a Harry Potter movie marathon!

Until next time,


Monday, July 9, 2012

Outfit Idea - Quirky and Cute

   I live in the desert, and as it is summer, it is so hot outside. I now spend my days indoors with blessed air conditioning! All I've been doing is streaming T.V shows on Netflix (Stargate Atlantis and the X - Files are awesome! Go watch them! Should I do an outfit inspired post?) and surfing the internet. It's not healthy for me.
   In my immense free time, I created another outfit for you. Enjoy!

Suspenders - Forever21  Band tee - Hottopic  Oxfords - UrbanOG  Necklace - Forever21  Ring - ModCloth

   Pair some suspenders with your favorite band tee (mine is Rise Against, they're awesome! But feel free to use what ever you want). Slip on these cute leopard oxfords and accessorize with this interesting elephant necklace and mustache ring so you'll look quirky and cute. And I mean quirky in the adorable kind of way. Who doesn't love mustaches?

   Until next time,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outfit Idea - Contrasting and Edgy

   It's late. I can't sleep, so instead I am browsing shops online. Here's an outfit I came up with! I hope you enjoy.

Shirt- Forever21, Skirt - Forever21, Ring - Forever21, Bracelet - Forever21, Shoes - FamousFootwear

   So I guess it was obvious I was scrolling Forever21 xD
   Good night!

   Until next time,

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy late fourth!

   Oh, how my interests change so. I'm not dead! I just haven't been in the mood to update. Boo me, I know.

   Happy late fourth everyone!

   I hung out with some friends at a pool and then watched fire works later on. We stayed up late to watch ID4 but I fell asleep...

   My camera broke so I have no good quality pics :( 
   Here is a very bad picture from my webcam:

   Some things I have been lusting over:

   I love peter pan colloars. I think I'm begining to develop an obsession. I healthy one ;)

   I also am quite obsessed with blazers! Even though I don't actually own one. But worry not! I will soon rectify that...

   I want to try a flag shorts tutorial. 
   Heres the one I'm going to try, though I might try blue stars: Link!

   And here's another random topic, as I have ADD and my mind just bounces around.

   Anklets! I love them. I even made my own!

It was really simple to make this! All you need is:

<3 Fabric [big enough to cut into 3 stripes, about 20 inches each.]
<3 Some beads [I used wooden ones from Walmart]
<3 Scissors 

   Take your fabric and cut into 3 stripes, about 20 inches each. Tie them all together at the end [knot them] and then braid them for about 5 inches then make another knot. Then put the beads on. I only used 3. You might need to twist the fabric stripes before putting the beads on. If you're having an uncommonly hard time getting the bead on, use a needle to push it through. Also, cut off any extra fabric.
   Tie it around your ankle and you're done!

   Until next time,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anime Expo!

So I like Anime. So I went to the anime expo. So what? (:

 Skyrim! A video game.

 Dark Pit. Also a video game...

A bowtie made from a dollar! Coool.

 Hunters from left4dead

 Steampunk mask!

 PANDA! I love Pandas!

 I also love posing with them! :)


Awesome zippper mask.

So many things went on here! One was the parking. Ugh. The X-Games happened to be going on across the street. There was no parking. Sad times.

There were so many booths to buy things from (I got kunai! Small Japanese knives.) and a corn dag. haha! I met a new friend on the first day, Hunin, and today we spent a god part of the day walking around together. I helped him try to pick up chicks. He only got one number (Lol!).

More later!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lines, an outfit, and six sentences.

   Today was so fun! My cousin and I drove to the L.A  convention center for anime expo! Even though we just stood in line for a few hours, we met some REALLY awesome people!

   I met a 25 five year old guy who hitchhiked all over the country when he was 15 until he was 25! That's so crazy. I wish I could do something like that.

   Anyway. Outfit! Sorry for the HORRIBLE quality. I had to use my webcam because I don't have my camera! It broke. Sadly.

Shirt - Forever 21 : Jeans - Pacsun : Belt - Thrifted

   Have a good day!


   Here's what I sent to in sixsentences:

   Timeless War

   Tall grasses sway in the gentle midnight breeze, watched over by a careful moon. His innocent face peeks out from thick clouds stretching across the sky, their dark tendrils clinging to him. The weight of the battle shifts constantly, the moon's bright face smiling down one moment then devoured the next. The stars ally with the moon, their shine piercing the clouds darkness in pinpricks, small footholds of hope. Below, the tall grasses continue to enjoy the breeze, oblivious to the timeless crusade above. Only the mighty trees are aware of the waging war, for though they dig their roots into mother Earth, their branches reach for the sky, stretching up into the blackness.